Real Time Modeling

When I first told my grandma that I was a water modeler, she responded, “Why do people want to see you in your swimsuit?” I smiled to myself and thought about how far we have come with technology. Fast forward a few years to when I first heard the term “Real Time Modeling”.

Time to Get Real: LVVWD's Real Time Modeling Webcast

Utilities are discovering the value of distribution system modeling to their bottom line.

Notes from WDSA Conference

This week, a colleague of mine and I had the pleasure to attend the 12th annual Water Distribution System Analysis (WDSA) conference in Tucson, AZ.  


This annual conference is focused on the research effort in the water distribution area covering topics such as water quality, leakage analysis, operations and energy management, transient analysis, and water security.  The amount of new technology and innovative approaches that were presented at this conference was impressive.   This conference also provided opportunities to learn from and ask questions to some of the pioneers and leaders in our industry including Lew Rossman, Walter Grayman, Tom Walski, Kevin Lansey, Jim Uber, and others who were all extremely approachable and very open and willing to talk about current projects, thoughts on the technology, etc.  It still neat to think that most widely distributed water distribution modeling engine (EPANET) and foundation to many of the commercially-available software packages, was spearheaded from relatively a small group of enthusiasts that is still active in the field today.