LACHMUG - August, 2010

LACHMUG - August, 2010

glendale water & power presents a recent project, exercising their H2OMAP Water model to optimize storage, CIP, and fire flows...

Modeling Irrigation Demands

Memorial Day for many of us is the unofficial start of summer.  Summer to me means BBQ’s, bicycles and WATER.  For most utilities, water use increases dramatically during the summer months due to irrigation.  When looking at irrigation demands from a modeling perspective, there are a few issues that should be considered.  Foremost is that flow from sprinklers is pressure dependent.  Meaning that the more pressure the system experiences the higher the flow from the sprinkler.  Modeling pressure dependent demands accurately can make a big difference in your modeling and master planning efforts, especially if the majority of demands in the system you are modeling are irrigation demands, such as a reclaimed water system.    One way to resolve pressure dependant flow is to create emitter characteristics on demand junctions. 

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