Holiday Challenge 2: Photo Caption Contest

What’s going on in this picture?

Photo Caption Challenge: Submit the best caption for IDModeling’s holiday photo caption challenge and win a $25 gift card. 

Submit your best caption using the comment feature (see 'add new comment' below). Note you may have to log in if you are not already to submit a comment/caption (don't worry it is quick and free to sign up).

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Only one entry per participant for the ‘Best Caption’ Challenge.  The winners will be announced on January 29th, 2010.



Photo Caption Challenge Winner

Congratulations to mwetzig who submitted the best caption ("Fire in the Hole!") in our ‘Photo Caption' challenge.

Check back for our next best caption challenge.  Thanks!


"It was a hot summer day.  I didn't expect the mirage to be real."


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Holiday Caption Contest 2009

Oops I did not know how to comment - Second Try

Caption " Asset Management - Not an Accessory but an Emergency"



New Form of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Fire truck pumps water

Water fills sink hole

Sink hole swallows fire truck

Who let the dog drive ?

Thats the last time the Dalmatian is allowed to drive. 

Holiday Challenge 2: Photo Caption Contest

"Yes, we found the pumper; I'll have time for more questions once we locate the hook and ladder it was following."

Hello? Water Department, I

Hello? Water Department, I would like to report a possible water main break.


Well, the good news is the fire's out.........


Photo Caption

"Wait, so you're saying that the black spot on the map wasn't our destination point?"

Rookie Fireman

"I wonder if I'll still pass my probation period?"

fire trucks, pipelines, street paving...

asset missmanagement :(

Did your 2nd hand pumper truck have a Carfacts?

Did your 2nd hand pumper truck have a Carfacts?


"Fire in the Hole!"


Man in foreground on cell phone (whispering): Hello, 911? Uhhh, yaaaa. I'd like to report an emergency.


Now that's funny.'s all under control

911 responding:  "yes, we've dispatched a unit approximately 2 hours ago...  please stand by - we're looking for it"

Thirsty truck

What? You don't think fire trucks get thirsty, too?

What the...

I didn't know puddles had deep ends...

very funny

that made me smile.

Another case of driving while texting...

Another case of driving while texting...

Caption Contest

Hey! At least the truck get a deep clean!

Did someone at least put out

Did someone at least put out the fire?

Holiday Photo Caption Entry

"...Just walk away...just walk away"